Birdwatch North East first began as Birdwatch Northumbria back in 1994, founded by Mark Winter. Initially organising both weekends and day tours on the Northumberland coast, moors and hills. Andrew took on Birdwatch North East in 2018, since then we have widened our offering to include Ornithological Consultancy services, ID courses, and public engagement for both adults and children.

Andrew Kinghorn

Andrew has more than 15 years of field experience and has watched birds across the UK and Europe. He is closing in on having seen nearly 500 species of bird in the UK alone. Andrew started out as a local birder in his home county of Durham, he then joined the Durham Bird Club and has been an active member since. Currently Andrew is the Chair of the Durham Bird Club but has previously held roles as County and Assistant County Recorder. After a stint in the IT sector, Andrew returned to ornithological consultancy in 2021. Andrew is also the chair and voting member of the Durham Bird Club rarities sub-committee.