Holy Island - 17 September & 1 October 2022

September and October can be the best of months for seeing birds on Holy Island on the north Northumberland coast. There is potential of wintering thrushes arriving on masse after flying across the North Sea. We should see large numbers of waders and duck, the only flock of Pale-bellied Brent Geese on the British mainland and either one of the UK's fastest hunters - the Merlin and the Peregrine Falcon. There's also the exciting chance of migratory birds from the European continent and even northern Asia if the winds turn easterly with possibilities like the Yellow-browed and Pallas's Warbler.


The price for the day is £65 for one person or £60 each if you book as a group of two or more. If you are interested in coming, please get in touch using either the details below or our Contact Us page.

Tour Information

OR for two or more:

Tour Length: 1 day.

Walking Effort: Minimal

Leaders: Andrew Kinghorn