Report on Kielder Forest, 05 March 2022

Our first visit to Kielder Forest since 2019. The weather showed a lot of promise, with a breeze and crystal clear blue skies. As is usual for Kielder, there were Chaffinches everywhere! Some local Coal Tits reminded us that spring was just around the corner as they chased each other around the trackside conifers. Our first stop to scan for birds of prey revealed 2 Buzzards circling up above the forest. It has been a good start to 2022 for Common Crossbills it seems, with many flocks flying over and some perching up. 

Our second stop to scan was very fruitful. Not only did we have good numbers of Buzzards, the first Goshawk of the day got up briefly. We didn't have to wait long until another female Goshawk got up and started to interact with a Buzzard, it drifted off out of view. A short while later we were treated to 2 birds together interacting before drifting off once more. On the river we could hear Dipper calling whilst a lone male Goosander showed well. 

Our next stop was fruitful with excellent views of Common Crossbill and Mistle Thrush. The stone walls produced flocks of Chaffinch and a lone Song Thrush. We watched Ravens go about their business and were also treat to excellent flyby views of Woodcock.


Andrew Kinghorn

Common Crossbill - © Andrew Kinghorn (Birdwatch North East).