Capabilities & Services

We offer a range of ornithological consultancy services, these include: ​

  • Vantage point bird surveys (VPs);

  • Breeding bird surveys (BBS), from industrial sites through to upland areas;

  • Wintering bird surveys; in a range of habitats;

  • Species specific surveys for birds such as (but not limited to) Black Grouse, Short-eared Owl, Goshawk, Peregrine, and other Schedule 1 species;

  • Tidal bird surveys (high & low);

  • Nocturnal ornithological surveys with the aid of high tech thermal imaging equipment;

  • Post consent monitoring, such as ecological clerk or works;

  • Report writing for planning applications for developments such as solar farms, wind farms, housing, and other development projects; and

  • Training on bird identification.

If you wish to enquire about our capability to undertake ornithological survey work, or enquire about a service not listed above please contact either or


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